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The Ilk 100 LLC

The Berkshire Legacy is an exclusive endeavor of the Ilk 100 LLC, a multi-disciplinary real estate company with an emphasis on projects that improve quality of life through education, historic preservation, environmental sustainability, recreation and the arts.

The Ilk 100 LLC works cooperatively with private land owners, institutions, museums, private foundations and organizations that wish to preserve and repurpose their properties. More than simply fixing chipped plaster and peeling paint, our mission is to restore notable historic sites and environmentally sensitive properties to their original glory days, making them again valuable assets to their owners and their communities.

Individually, our team members have brought outstanding experience and expertise to unique and diverse projects. Collectively, we bring purpose and passion to every project.

Ilk’s mission is to provide year-round leisure within reach. This is achieved through affordable offerings in strategically located backyard destinations.

Disclaimer: No offering is made or intended by this website. Any offering of interest in the Berkshire Legacy will be made only in compliance with federal and state securities laws and other applicable regulations.

Peter Pollak Founder of Ilk Alliance LLC

Peter Pollak, a Virginia native, has 35 years of experience in resort development, sales and marketing. Peter has a true respect for land conservation, which began as a student at the University of Virginia. There, he spent his summers working on surrounding horse farms that were under land conservation easements. The beauty of the protected land inspired him to incorporate preservation and conservation strategies into his future personal and business life.

Peter has a personal appreciation for restoring homes and bringing them back to life. His former personal residence restoration of an 18th century South Carolina home was featured in Town and Country magazine in February 2000. He also restored his current 18th century residence on Rainbow Row in Charleston, South Carolina. From a business perspective, the former Trustee of the Winterthur Museum has also restored the 18th century winter residence of Henry Ford at the Ford Plantation, which now serves as a major resort destination.

Peter’s passion for preservation and conservation has carried over into his professional life. His efforts have resulted in 5,000 acres of land being placed into permanent open space conservancy. He has also preserved 13 miles of riverfront property on three different developments, as well as 15 miles of enhanced and protected ocean frontage in the Caribbean. His respectful land planning can be shown through the developments of Brays Island, the Greenbrier Sporting Club, Ford Plantation, and the Turks and Caicos Sporting Club in the British West Indies, among others.

“Since the 1980s, my passion for historic restoration and land conservation has molded who I am today. Most recently, it led to becoming a panelist at the 2013 Land Trust Rally in New Orleans. I believe that this passion combined with the level of expertise that I bring to each project will ensure that Spring Lawn is a truly unique and admired undertaking for years to come.”

ROBERT COAKLEY Partner, Managing Director, ILK

Rob Coakley, a Lenox native and 1986 graduate of Williams College, has 15 years of experience in real estate development working as Vice President of Development and Sales for DPS at the Greenbrier Sporting Club, Ford Plantation, and Turks & Caicos Sporting Club developments.

Rob lives in New York City with his family and they have spent many of their weekends in Lenox over the years. The genesis of Berkshire Legacy concept was simple: Provide a new, more affordable alternative to a second home for people who would like to enjoy the vast array of multiseasonal attributes Lenox and the Berkshires provide.

“We are thrilled to be launching Berkshire Legacy and believe that with the Spring Lawn Estate as our anchor, and the Country Club of Pittsfield as our partner, we have found the perfect balance for those who, like my family and me, love spending time in the Berkshires.”