Membership Types

Founding Membership

$75,000 for a lifetime Founding Membership, inclusive of all of the benefits provided.

Resale of a Founding Membership must be done through Berkshire Legacy and may not occur prior to the developer selling 90% of the original Memberships. At that time, the Membership joins a TBD priority queue for resale to a third party.

Double Founding Membership

Founding Members may elect to purchase an additional Membership at a discounted rate. Under this offering, Founding Members may purchase their own Founding Membership as well as another regular Membership for $112,500. This number reflects a 50% discount of the second Membership (the regular/second Membership does not include the $18,000 credit, nor the initiation fee and the first two years of dues at the Country Club of Pittsfield that Founding Members receive upon acceptance).

The second Membership may be gifted to friends or family, or may be sold at the Membership rate at the time of the sale. Until the second Membership is transferred or sold, it is deemed to be inactive, meaning that annual dues are not assessed to that Membership. As soon as the second Membership is transferred or sold, the second Membership becomes active and annual dues are assessed.

In the event that a Founding Member chooses to have the Berkshire Legacy sell their second Membership to a third party, there will be a TBD priority queue for the resale of that Membership. Specifics regarding the resale of memberships will be outlined in full detail in the Membership Documents.

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